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G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review – Grenco Science's Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

(UPDATED) G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review – (Noob-Friendly) Portable Vape with A Clean Design



The G Pen Elite Vape is a Great (Noob Friendly) Option

GPen Elite Vape Quick Breakdown

  • Made by Grenco Science, a quality vape company with a track record of high quality and affordability
  • Smaller, more ergonomic
  • Sleek, almost sexy design
  • Precise temp controls
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively inexpensive

The Grenco Science team has released the G Pen Elite vaporizer, a top-of-the-line portable dry herb vaporizer. It has a sleek new look as surprisingly effective.

“The G Pen Elite is a monumental leap in technology for both the brand and the industry” – Grenco Science

The G Pen Elite Design: Simple Yet Powerful

Everything you get when you buy the g pen elite vaporizerThis new G Pen vaporizer was ergonomically designed, so it sits well in your hand. It’s not quite the Hydrology9, but its functional and minimal design is stylish. Sleek and sexy without being too flashy. Perfectly designed for discretion, its low-light LED display facilitates easy temperature control and battery monitoring with little guesswork. This vape is definitely noob friendly

G Pen Elite Features and Functionality

Temperature Control

The Elite has extremely precise temperature control capabilities compared to most other portable vaporizers in its price range. A full LED display indicates the temperature to the nearest degree, so you can tinker with the vape to get to whatever temperature suits your taste.

You can change the temperature to anywhere between 200 degrees to 428 degrees, and it’s surprisingly quick to get to whatever temperature you choose. The chamber of the G Pen Elite can contain almost a gram of ground herb, and works like a charm.

Battery Life

This quality vape comes with a high-grade lithium ion battery as well as a variable-output chip which intelligently activates the battery to make the G Pen Elite as efficient and high-performance as possible. This results in a great battery life that adds to the vape’s portability, making it ideal for the toker on the go.

Vapor Quality of the G Pen Elite

It’s very easy to like the G Pen Elite’s vapor quality because of how well its deep ceramic chamber delivers air through to the mouthpiece, and how versatile the temperature settings are. This thing can hit like a champ if you take some time to play around with the temp and find what works best for you. We found the optimal range to be between 310-370, depending on how you like your hits.

Overall, the draw quality is an improvement on previous G Pens like the G Pen Pro .

STACKING UP: G Pen Elite vs. Ghost MV-1

G Pen Elite Pros:

  • Smaller, sleeker, and discrete-er than most dry herb vapes
  • More versatile temperature controls
  • Explicit temp settings and battery indicator
  • large dry herb chamber
  • inexpensive


  • dry herb only
  • hits are just slightly less robust than the Pax

Ghost MV-1 Pros:

  • Space-age style vape, comes in multiple colors/finishes
  • five temperature settings
  • Dual use: dry herb AND concentrate
  • App-control capability
  • extreme durability, battery life


  • Not discrete or portable
  • expensive
  • lacking with temp/battery indication

How To Clean the G Pen Elite

This vape is super easy to clean. It’s overall design provides a great user experience (UX) the to casual vaping enthusiast. Here’s a quick video on how to clean your G Elite.

Is this the vape for you?

If you appreciate versatility and discretion, the Elite is most likely your best choice. It’s the highest quality dry herb vape that Grenco Science has to offer, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with concentrate if you’re not a super experienced toker or like to keep things simple. Despite the Elite being for herb only, the vapor quality and precision of temperature are unparalleled.

At just under $150, the value is hard to beat.

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(UPDATED) G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review – (Noob-Friendly) Portable Vape with A Clean Design