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Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer Review - The Next Generation Portable Dry Herb Vapes

Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer Review – The Next Generation of Vaping

ghost mv1 vaporizer review


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Ghost MV-1 Portable Vaporizer Review Summary
It doesn’t matter if you’re or veteran of the marijuana vaping world, the Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer truly represents the very latest in vaping design and Technology in both portable vaporizers for herbs and extracts. As far as design and the technology goes, this puppy is right up there with the Hydrology9 vaporizer I reviewed. It even makes the top 10 list of best dry herb vapes of 2018

“We wanted to create something truly iconic – a product that stood out from the crowd, ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced with intuitive features and tactile finishes that make it a pleasure to hold, use and share with friends.” – Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer Website

The MV-1 feels like a slick spaceship, and man can you fly high with it (pun intended). Parts of the mv-1 portable vape is a fact that supports both and concentrate vaping. Although it does provide pretty instantaneous on demand, beautiful thing is it actually produces a semi cooler draw soul of flavor. You can taste the flavor profiles in both flower and concentrates. This is really nice if you like to vape the taste. The Ghost MV-1 is considered a top-tier portable herb vaporizer for those of you who like getting super lit or just like grabbing the latest and greatest vaping Tech, is bad boys for you (I like to indulge in every now and then).

I’m not going to lie very first time I saw this vape I was almost a little intimidated but I quickly went away after the very first use.

and comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty

The Ghost MV-1 Dual Vaporizer Design and Background

The moment the Ghost MV1 hit the markets it immediately made a splash in the vaping world as one of the new ”Lastest and Greatest” vapes. It provides the biggest draw of the portable dual-use vaporizer sub-niche. Because you’re able to vape both wax concentrate and drive weed this baby is a lot more versatile than you’re standing vaporizer. So much so that it made our best dry herb vaporizer list of 2018 standing toe toe with hard hitters like the Mighty Vaporizer and the always perfect hitting Firefly 2 Vaporizer.

Ghost mv-1 Engineering

The makers of this lastest and greatest portable herb vaper claims that it’s the only vaporizer that goes from off to ideal temperature in just a matter of seconds, while maintaining the exact temperature for the entire duration of your vaping sesh. He also stated it’s a proprietary technology that delivers pure and cool Vapor each and every single draw. there’s no shortage in quality with this vaporizer with its high grade alloy case or it’s efficient heat system or the laboratory grade vapor path in which you can see the deep white smoke going through the borosilicate cut glass mouthpiece which works like a thick straw of nothing but scrumptious herbal vapor.

Ghost mv-1 has an on demand heating system

This is one of the biggest advances the mv-1 has versus it’s competed vaporizers. and a lot of cases you’ll notice that paper I just take a few minutes to warm up somewhere usually around 3 to 5 minutes. But the mv-1 is instantaneously ready the moment you want to draw it’s pretty much hot I’m ready to go which is crazy insane compared to its competitors. The other great thing about this heating system is your bowl last a lot longer he can take a few hits relax for a bit and then continue drawing a little bit later and you can still paste the the same great Vapor quality as you did the first time it’s pretty amazing.

New iconic design for vaporizer

Not only did go sleeper work extremely hard to address highly common performance issues that one experiences with the average vaporizer they also took a lot of time into engineering the design of this portable Vape

They claim to have all of their components custom designed and engineered to withstand the highest of heat tolerances, making the mv-1 one of the safest and best performing vaping products on the market today.

Display packs a punch in last forever on a single charge

with their proprietary battery pack End their electronic magnet chip, DMV 1 can handle a massive amount of power that’s required to run the industry’s leading performing Vape. you’re going to get used to infrequently charging because each charge last, what feels like, forever.

Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer App

And their attempt to provide the best experience possible ghost Vape came out with its own ghost app which puts the control of the vaporizer in your hands quite literally. The dashboard on the app allows you very quick access to setting up the optimum temperature for your babe. a cool new feature that babe included with the app is the lock my vape setting

Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer Comes in 4 Separate Finishes

Not only did they create a highly popular vaporizer they’ve also been able to come out with a couple of different color options for those of you who are really interested in personalizing yours. The four main colors are:

  • black chrome
  • satin silver
  • rose gold
  • Nickel

What comes in the ghost mv-1 kit

Every new ghost mv-1 kit comes with complete accessories to use with both concentrates and dry herb. each comes with the following:

  • ghost mv-1 dual vaporizer unit
  • dry herb Kirby Crucible
  • concentrate Crucible
  • concentrate pad for your waxes
  • cleaning materials
  • 1 micro USB Vape charger

the Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer comes in 3 different colors

Ghost mv-1 best features

This brand new portable weed Vape has quite a few unique features that make a different than all the other vaporizers on the market:

Dual Purpose vaporizer ( dry herb and concentrate) – I love that it’s versatile
retractable glass mouthpiece – this allows for the vapor to cool while drawing and you can also adjust the draw resistance as well

Virtually instantaneous convection heating system – this thing heats up fast which is really nice because you don’t have to wait for it to heat up like the lower end portable weed vaporizers such as the G pen
removable wax and Herb pods – this makes cleaning a breeze
4 preset temperatures
Retails $295 directly from Ghost Vape

I hope you liked this Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer Review, Please make sure to share and like the content if you found it useful. Happy Vaping

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Ghost MV-1 Vaporizer Review - The Next Generation of Vaping