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Hot Box Vaporizer: The OG Box Style Desktop Dry Herb Vape

Hotbox Vape Review Summary

Hot Box is a quality company that offers a large variety of both desktop and portable vapes along with accessories. It is a division of 1 Source Production Inc.out of Costa Mesa, CA. All products are handmade in the USA. Their mission is to create easy to use, healthier smoking alternatives. They have countless color, print and custom options for your vaping needs; customization and ease of use are the main goal.


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We’re going to take a minute to review the Hot Box One Piece which retails about $100 to $130 and can be most comparable to the Vapor Brothers desktop vape.

Hot Box Weed Vaporizers Basics

Simplicity was key for the Hot Box Vapors designers, there is just one switch to turn it on and off with no fan or other bojangles to distract you from the basic functionality. It is a desktop vape for dry botanicals only, which means it plugs in for use. It operates at 12v and can be plugged into a car lighter. The unit is a little tile box and comes in three colors: green, black and white. You can also get a patterned box that has a flame like design throughout. Other customization options are available, they have a whole line of Hot Box Custom and Stone to suit any of your aesthetic needs.

It heats to just one temperature, once plugged in and turned on it will be fully heated in about 10 minutes. Hot Box uses a ceramic nichrome heating element with a patented temperature regulator. The nichrome heating element is meant to provide optimal heating temperatures for maximum efficiency. It promises to heat herbs to the absolute best temperature and hold that perfection for the remainder of your sesh. There are also glass on glass components made completely of Pyrex-Grade 2-PC glass. The whip, or ‘wand’ as Hox Box calls it, is configured with a glass mouthpiece and food grade tubing. When you draw from the tube you get a delightful, flavorful and effective hit; the temperature gauge is truly a fantastic regulator. You get a lot out of each draw all the way until the herbs are gone.

How to Use the Box Vaporizer:

Plug your Hot Box in and turn it on, in about 10 minutes it will be fully charged.
While heating grind your herbs quite finely and fill into the glass whip/wand ⅓ of the way, tamp the buds in a bit.

The box will heat on its own, after 10 minutes place your glass wand onto the heating cover and begin to draw.

Inhale deeply to have a more intense hit and more lightly for a lighter draw, temps are directly affected by the intensity of your inhale.
Once burned through take apart your whip from the heating element and brush your herbs out of the chamber.
Turn off your unit and let cool completely before unplugging.
Use your glass tipped poker to clear out the buds, when cleaning use alcohol above 91%. Cleaning is recommended regularly.

How Does the Hot Box Vape Stack Up?

Your Hot Box will come with a 5-year warranty, thats a nice and long one! I’m a really big fan of this tabletop vape, it’s not only affordable but highly functional. Hot Box Vapors can 100% be compared to the Vapor Brothers old school pencil sharpener vape. It is a super easy to use version of every whip style table top you’ve ever used, and you don’t even burn your buds before they’re all properly vaporized. I’m such a huge fan. I could taste my flowers all the way through, and with vaping that is a number one priority for me.

Another thing that we really dug over here is the customization abilities. First of all the piece is made with tile, that is completely new to me in the vapor world. I love the way that it looks amongst the living room, it fits in nicely. The Box comes with a lot of optional customizations. You can spend about $20 more to get a ground glass kit and vape hands free. There are also beautiful hand painted versions of the magical little box and even stone Hot Boxes. They are clearly created by a true artisan, and that is much appreciated.

Each Hot Box Kit Comes With:

  • 1 Hot Box Vaporizer Unit
  • 1 Hands Free Glass Wand
  • 1 Glass Mouth Piece
  • 1 Glass Tipped Poker
  • 1 O-Ring
  • Tubing
  • 2 Screens
  • Sticker
  • Instruction Manual

Taste your buds all the way through; truly optimal temperatures.
Amazingly easy to use, beginners and experts alike will love it.
Downright affordable pricing for a home unit.
Endless customization options.
High quality production materials made in the US.


Extremely long heat up time.

The Final Verdict

All in all this is a phenomenal vaporizer whether you are a brand new user or a well versed expert. You get thick and tasty vapors and it is totally worth the price. I could really use a quicker heat up time, 10 minutes is just purely too long. I give this one an 9 out of 10. Affordable, functional, easy to use; I recommend it to everyone who was ever interested in a vaporizer.


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