Vape Brothers Vaporizer Review



Vape Brothers Vaporizer Review

The Vapor Brothers were one of the first desktop vaporizers on the market, they have been operating since 1999. There was a time when there were only a couple of options for a desktop vape, and The Vapor Brothers pencil sharpener style vaporizer has been a mainstay in the industry for decades now. Even before the flooding of new vape technology hit the scene, Vape Brothers were creating whip handpiece boxes with glass on glass technology and temperature settings. Their company works out of Southern California and has upgraded their product over the years to stay with the trends of dry herb and oil vaporizing. Along with their Vape Box, Vape Brothers also offer their patrons a pen that works with concentrates and wax.


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What’s New from The Vapor Brothers Vape Box?

The original Vape Box offered glass on glass heating chamber with a hand whip attachment. Now The Vape Brothers vaporizer uses a VB Natural Mineral Heater which is the only ceramic heating element custom designed for vaping. It has also been tested by independent laboratories.

The heating element is clay while the whip and chamber are completely made of glass and ceramic. The mouthpiece is ceramic with a silicone grip attached to the plastic tubing. The ‘pencil sharpener’ style tabletop body is made from wood and comes in two colors: ‘natural wood’ or ‘coffee’. The whip’s tubing is made with healthy plastic, meaning it’s BPA free and also free of Phthalates.

There are many reasons that this Vapor Brothers vape has been referred to as the best desktop vaporizer on the market. One of the most apparent of those reasons is that it is extremely easy to use.

First step: plug her in and turn the dial about ¾ of the way to let it start heating, you will hear a click when it is activated. This unit does take a minute to heat up so getting this done before you start grinding herbs makes the process more seamless. Heating takes about 2 to 3 minutes.

Grind up your herbs super fine and put them into the glass chamber at the end of your tube, I pack mine with about .3 to .5 or about ⅓ full. You can just suck the herbs into the whip from the mouthpiece right out of your grinder for the least amount of mess. Once the whip is packed and the unit is heated place the packed chamber directly on the ceramic heating element.
Now just inhale, there is no fan in this specific desktop vape so you do have to inhale to get any vapor. Once you’ve taken a hit remove the whip to reserve the flower, it will keep heating and combusting if you leave it on the heating element.

Some quick tips for this vape, mix the herbs up halfway through your session with the included bamboo tool. It is worth is to get through the layers of flower in the most tasty way. Play with the amount of dry herbs you prefer as per the taste.

What Has Kept Vapor Brothers Around for Decades?

They are a downright awesome company that has been creating quality products in the USA for years. But it’s never just that easy to be successful in an industry with new ‘technology’ every day. Their ‘hands free’ is listed between $180 and $220 between different retailers.

Vape Brother vape company allows you to register your unit with them so that you can receive a better warranty. With proof of purchase, unregistered owners receive 1 year full warranty with no expenses and 3 year without shipping included. Registered owners receive 2 year full warranty and 5 years with out shipping included. One of my favorite programs is their updating program. If your unit is over 5 years old or after a specific serial number they will give you a discount on your upgraded unit. That’s pretty awesome!

There are also some epic attachments available for the tabletop. You can grab a hydrator kit that allows you to filter your vapor through water in a glass piece. This attachment runs you about $125. You can also smoke oils or concentrates by placing melting your wax into a cotton ball and place it into the glass chamber. This should allow you to vape your concentrates in your VaporBrothers HandsFree!

Each VaporBrothers Handsfree comes with:

  • Original Vaporbrothers Hands Free Vaporizer – 110v*
  • Wood box handcrafted in the U.S.A., not China!
  • Natural Mineral, Ceramic Heating Element
  • Hands Free EZ Change Whip®**
  • Aromabulb™(glass or ceramicª)
  • Organic Aura Cacia Essential Oil Sample
  • Organic Vaporbrothers Aromatherapy Blend Sample
  • Bamboo Pick Stir Tool
  • Bonus: Acrylic Grinder

Easy to use.
Great warranty program.
Good product material quality.
Long lasting.
Versatile, use concentrates!


Really, really slow heating time.
No indicator on heating being finished.

In my opinion this is a fantastic option for a beginning vaper, it is easy to use and an amazing quality of taste. Things burn pretty evenly if paid attention to and the company offers a pretty fantastic warranty. I give this specific vape a 9 out of 10. Although it is probably my favorite vaporizer option I think a tiny bit of updating could be done to the heat up process. Of course they shouldn’t change a classic, just update a teensy bit. Check this one out if you have ever been curious about vaping, it is the perfect introduction.


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Vape Brothers Vaporizer Review