Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review – Solid Desktop Dry Herb Vape Powerful Classic Piece

vapir rise desktop dry herb vaporizer


Vapir Rise Review

Vapir Rise Vape Review Summary

Vapir is a company that has been operating out of California since 1997 when they created the Advanced Inhalation Revolution (AIR-2) to help people quit smoking. The company incorporated in 2006 and began specializing in digital aromatherapy technology, holding a number of patents in the industry.

Vapir Rise creators also brought us the No2 vaporizer which is portable and designed to be used with raw herbs. Both the No2 and the Rise heat up to desired temperature in just under one minute. Unlike the No2 the Vapir Rise is not meant to be portable, it is a tabletop vaporizer that operates with a whip and a balloon attachment. It is said to rival the Volcano vape and the Arizer Xtreme Q.


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Vapir Rise Herbal Vaporizer Basics

When you first open your Vapir Rise package you may be completely overwhelmed as you stare at 21 separate parts and a ten step vaporizing process. But don’t worry, the amount of set up helps to create absolutely unmatched versatility. The unit itself is six inches across the base and rises six inches high. The bottom of the piece has touch pad controls with LED backlighting to set precise temperatures ranging from 150-400 degrees. It is fully heated in less than a minute.

The Vapir Rise functions with forced air, the touchpad also controls the fan speed. The fan itself is really quiet. We found that the lower fan speeds (1-5) delivered a more dense vapor and the vapor delivered from a higher fan speed (6-9) had more flavor and a less dense vapor. I do love the options for a fan speed setting and the forced air certainly works for those with a lower or non-existent lung capacity.

They use a HEPA air filter and ceramic heating chamber to convection style heat the herbs to vaporize. Air pulls from the side of the sides of the unit through the HEPA air filter, across the ceramic heating element then through the ground cannabis and into your chosen vaporization intake method. This specific herbal vaporizer has three different intake methods available with the unit. You can choose from a Volcano style bag method, a one whip method or multi user (up to four) hookah style whip method. Suddenly all of the pieces from the box that once overwhelmed you are making more sense.

How to Use It:

Turn power switch located on back of the unit to ON position.
A blue LED light will illuminate, the vape is now in idle mode.
Set your temperature with the arrow indicators labeled TEMP to desired heat level. Press triangle button labelled HEAT, this will engage a red light on the HEAT button.
During heating and session you can adjust the fan and temperature level using + and – buttons on front of unit.
While heating grind herbs and place into herb chamber, snap chamber adapter onto top of herb chamber; you will feel it lock into place.
When the HEAT button illuminates green the unit is ready to vaporize.
Single User Whip Mode:
Soak silicone tube in warm water before use.
Attach tube to inhalation adapter, insert that into heating chamber by pushing down and turning to the right.
Multiple User Hookah Mode:
Connect amount of tubes you wish to use and make a point to only open valves that you’ve attached hoses to.
Insert into heating chamber by r3 down and turning right.
Balloon Mode:
Your Vapir Rise will come with detailed instructions on how to set up balloon; follow these.
Fill herb chamber and snap into place on the unit the same way as above.
Be sure you’ve turned your balloon adapter to the ON position.

To begin vaping:

Once you have a chamber attached (whatever kind) press the heat button to turn on fan
With whip just inhale.
With balloon; once full turn valve chamber to OFF mode and disengage from unit.

Why Does The Vapir Rise Stand Out?

I am a huge fan of the Vapir vaporizer, it works for those on a budget who also desire a quality product. It compares quite well to the Volcano Vaporizer but at a much lower cost. Vapir offers a 2 year standard warranty or a 3 year extended warranty for $50.

The ability to switch functions is fantastic, especially the hookah style multi user function. I think that the multi user might be my favorite, finally you can vape out of a whip with amigos. The bag style works really well also, the pieces are very similar in manufacturing to the Volcano vape.

Unfortunately wax, oils and concentrates don’t work to well in this piece. The whip is non-glass and made of silicone, but it still functions really well so we’re not complaining. I love the versatility it offers, which keeps it shiny in my eyes despite these minor issues.

Vapir Rise Accessories Kit

Each unit comes with:

  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Blend Chamber
  • 1 x Oil Chamber
  • 1 x Chamber Adapter
  • 1 x Balloon Adapter
  • 1 x Inhalation Adapter
  • 1 x Hot Chamber Grabber
  • 3 x Inflatable Balloons
  • 2 x HEPA Air Filters
  • 2 x Large Mesh Screens
  • 2 x Small Mesh Screens
  • 2 x Silicone Tubing (40 in)
  • 1 x X-Tip Clear Mouthpiece
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x Quick-Start Guide
  • 1 x Multi User Adapter

Precise temperature controls.
Super versatile when it comes to inhalation style.
Extremely affordable.
Heat in less than a minute.


Can’t vape concentrates.
Not manufactured with the highest quality products.


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Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review - Solid Desktop Dry Herb Vape Powerful Classic Piece