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What’s Vaping and Why Should I Care? | Cali Vape King


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December 7, 2017

The act of vaporizing goes back to biblical times (back then they would use hot stones to heat up herbs). The act of vaping isn’t new. The first vaporizer was patented in 1965 by a Herbert A. Gilbert, which invented a few years prior.

If you’re new to vaping and have been living under a rock for the last half-decade don’t worry I’ve got you covered. The vape pen has pretty much taken the World by storm, It was named the 2014 word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary. seriously here’s a link to the article. Vaping is the largest growing sub-sector in the marijuana industry as a whole. Vaping health is also another big side effect to the industry, as many have used vaping to quit smoking successfully. before we get too deep into that let’s start with the first question:

Marijuana Vaporizers (what this site is about)

“Eagle” Bill was individual who invented the marijuana vaporizer in the mid-90s. It was an interesting Contraption he essentially just use the heat gun to heat up the vapor we can so simple. The notorious Volcano Desktop Vaporizer actually originated from this technology back in 2000. but with relatively low exposure The Vape niche was growing underground for quite some time before it gained its massive exposure and become the lifestyle it has become today.

vaping versus smoking

Herbal Vaporizers Have Been Around Since the 90’s

The first marijuana vaporizer was created in the mid 90’s by “Eagle”
Bill. Marijuana vaporizers were around much earlier than their recent popularity, I remember ordering one straight from China back in 2002. It was huge and clunky and I had to always have it connected to the wall but it worked And I was ecstatic and that’s all that mattered at the time. Sure would be a huge hunk of junk by today’s standards and technology, but man was a cool having one that worked. Inefficient vaporizes were technically introduced in late 2007 but it was such a tiny Niche that no one really knew about them. It wasn’t really until late 2013 where they really started getting traction and gaining popularity in pop culture.

Fast forward to 2017 and the marijuana vape pen Is commonly seen in the marijuana culture, and is now considered basically part of it. the vaporizers of today have dramatically improved all their technology regarding reliability performance and Specialty. you can find a vaporizer and pretty much any category with her you’re looking for cheap and efficient are the best in class it’s a massive Marketplace and you have plenty of fun toys to choose from.

So How Does The Vaping Process work?

Vaporizers were first introduced into the market to address a very bad habit, a Chinese scientist created the first electronic cigarette, which in turn was the first type of vaporizer, has a solution to help people quit smoking cigarettes. These devices would heat up they concentrated liquid that consisted of a mixture of a flavor of some sort and a small amount of nicotine, to its boiling point. this process is what creates the vaporizing effect. it was specifically designed to simulate smoking an actual cigarette. quite frankly it was very successful and its mission, as people use this contraption to quit smoking to this day.

Why is vaporizing healthier than smoking

The biggest reason why vaping is healthier than flat-out smoking is that fundamentally that act of vaping does not include the combustion of a product. there is no burning of nicotine or weed, and because of this vaping prevents dozens of harmful chemicals that are usually produced when tobacco is combusted.

vaporizers and the marijuana culture

A few years after creating the original vaporizer fu forward thinkers Saw the opportunity to use this technology in the medicinal marijuana industry. some smart innovators realized that you can apply the concept of circumventing the combustion process and still producing the desired results. it’s better for you for the same exact reasons, you’re not combusting the marijuana end us a boy eating inhaling over 2,000 chemicals that are produced upon combustion.

The birth of the new vaporizer category

This was the beginning of what is now known as your dry herb vaporizer today. vaporizers I use to consume THC products from shredded dry marijuana to concentrated extracts and resins as well as hashes and oils. vaporizers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

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What’s Vaping and Why Should I Care?